Gun Control and Nuclear Disarmament

Whenever innocent people are murdered by some deranged individual, a certain category of people start clamoring for removal of firearms from sane and responsible owners. The attitude manifested by the inciters to gun confiscation is not unique to the subject, but has been manifested, for example, in the campaign for (unilateral) nuclear disarmament which reached … Read more

Encomium to the rich

At this time, many among the politicians, opinion writers, and the general public give themselves to vilifying the rich. On a closer look, however, this attitude can hardly be justified:

– The rich pay by far most of the income taxes at federal, state, and local levels. Yet, they receive exactly the same level of services from the government as the paupers. That notwithstanding,

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Four Commentaries on Healthcare


In 2007, Mr. Elliot Spitzer initiated a reform of health care in New York state. Stating that one in seven New Yorkers has no health insurance; he promised to provide coverage for all.

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Rape and Abortion

Two scientifically established facts will constitute the premise for this discussion:[1]

First, an embryo is never a part of the body of the mother.This fact is proven by in vitro fertilization combined with surrogate motherhood. In that situation, the biological mother never has the baby inside herself and the surrogate mother receives and carries a child with whom she has no genetic relationship, stipulated by contract to be someone else’s.

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Who built what?

Two schools of thought have attempted to explain the success of business endeavors. The first holds a free-market philosophy, maintaining that the entrepreneur’s talent and hard work determine his success in business. The alternative, collectivist theory, emphasizes

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