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On The Redistributions of Wealth, or Why I Did not Sign the Petition for a State Grant

I received recently an appeal to sign a petition for a grant from the state for Speed Radar signs in our village. I declined, saying that a grant would be too costly for us. An explanation of my statement is in order. Read more of this post

Who built what?

Two schools of thought have attempted to explain the success of business endeavors. The first holds a free-market philosophy, maintaining that the entrepreneur’s talent and hard work determine his success in business. The alternative, collectivist theory, emphasizes Read more of this post

Attitudes, Positions and Actions Taken in Response to the Use of Materials from Nonconsenting Humans, Particularly the Unborn, in Medical Research and Practice

In 2006, I was contacted by a Dr. Edward E. Furton, Editor of The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, inviting me to write an article for his journal, based on Read more of this post